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Updated: Jul 6, 2021

The future of modern medicine is that of #P4_medicine – namely #predictive, #preventive, #participatory and #personalised (according to the World Health Organisation). From The Blue Box, our goal has always been to think ahead and provide what the patient of the future will need. We want to design, develop and shape the medicine of the future.

Breast cancer diagnosis is complex. One single patient can present thousands of signals – actually, so many signals that human intelligence might not even be able to detect it. Thankfully, this is why #AI is in charge!

Forget about scheduling an appointment with your physician, say goodbye to painful invasive #mammograms. Just open our Blue App in your phone and follow three simple steps. When you are done, click “Start” and wait 30 seconds. The results will appear on your #smartphone.

Far from the old mammogram days, filled with anxiety while waiting for your results, The Blue Box is #non_invasive, #non_irradiating, #user_friendly and #inexpensive. The Blue Box is what we all need to change the way we fight breast cancer.

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