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It is proved that cancer produces metabolic changes in human physiology. We have studied the dog's taste buds and the sensory neurons they connect to and realized what makes them fire a signal. This would lead to an early-stage metabolites-based cancer test. We then decided that if the dog was able to feel it, so was our Arduino microprocessor. And so we mimicked the dog’s sensory system into an AI-based software.

Designed after a dog's olfactory system and olfactory neurons, The Blue Box is a 3D-printed box that contains 8 chemical sensors that are specifically sensitive to some breast cancer biomarkers – i.e. some molecules whose presence or absence in one's physiology is correlated to the condition of breast cancer.

The Blue App is a smartphone application that accompanies the user throughout the screening process. It can be downloaded from Google Play (and soon from iStore) and it will store the user data and their screening history.

When a urine sample is introduced inside The Blue Box, the aforementioned sensors will perform a change in voltage depending on the nature of the chemical compounds present in the urine sample. During the next 30-40 minutes, the captured signal will be sent from The Blue Box to the user’s phone via Bluetooth. The Blue App will then send it to the cloud via WiFi, where our AI algorithm is allocated. Once AI reaches a diagnostic, it will be sent back to the user's phone and displayed in the app.

In other words, The Blue Box is a change in the way society fights breast cancer. As opposed to the current painful and inconvenient routinary procedure that oftentimes leads to anxiety, The Blue Box enables women to get self-tested at the comfort of their own home.

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