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Our solution

The fact that cancer produces metabolic changes in human physiology has long been accepted by the medical community. However, traditional observational approaches and current urinalysis to detect biomarkers in urine have been proved to not be informative enough. We therefore propose a new disruptive solution: By implementing AI, we are able to detect the presence of certain biomarkers and recognize their patterns in a way that human intelligence is not able to. In other words, AI can see what the human eye cannot.

The Blue Box, targets a change in the way society fights breast cancer – shifting the focus from reactive into preventive medicine. As opposed to the current painful and inconvenient routinary procedure that oftentimes leads to anxiety, The Blue Box enables women to get self-tested at home. Also, because our solution is non-invasive and non-irradiating, the frequency of use and the range of targeted population is unlimited - thus leading to (1) more breast cancer diagnosis and (2) earlier stage diagnosis.

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