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The Box

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

What's inside The Blue Box?

The Cove’s Fab Lab is a place to imagine and make – and we could not have possibly imagined a better place for the ultimate Blue Box prototype to be born. In this dreamy sunny place in Southern California the Blue Box was first #3Dprinted during five days.

This new design will not only provide an extended capacity to allocate all the required biochemical compounds but it will also increase sampling robustness. It is with this design -our third #prototype- that The Blue Box will soon undergo a new set of clinical studies.

…Also, many of you have been asking why The Blue Box is actually… WHITE?!

Because #quality goes before design, we are first testing the specifications of this plastic (PLA) and, if successful, our next prototype will hopefully be a little more blue!

#healthcare #breastcancer #preventionbeforecure #womenEmpowerment

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