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A box and our plan to create a CHANGE

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Yesterday, I presented The Blue Box in front of a panel of five judges. I was prepared to explain to them, in excruciating detail, the ins and outs of our design. Present them with all the scientific evidence that backs us up... But they were actually more interested in something else. Those judges, which I now consider to be quite smart, wanted to know my PLAN: How are we going to GENERATE CHANGE by bringing The Blue Box into the market?

I personally believe that interview could not have been more enlightening. After all, you can not build a medical device for patients of the future if you are not parallelly and intrinsically advocating to shape the patient (or population) of the future.

There was one specific question that resonated with me the most:

"Being a #female CEO, how do you plan on encouraging and embracing #LGTBQ+, #gender and #ethnic #diversity in your own company?".

Well, for starters I will love my startup the way I want myself to be loved: For my diversity, for my peculiarities and for everything that makes me be *me*. I am human, different, and diverse. My team is human, different, and diverse. And my startup is a beautiful representation of how I imagine society of the future: A plurality of ethnicities, genders and orientations. And that makes me #proud.

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